Kedem Experience

KEDEM is a unique travel service bootstrapped by a seasoned entrepreneur who loves blending technology with authentic travel, the outdoors and sustainable experiences. By providing adventure-craving travelers with an alternative to commercialized motorcoach tours, we’re changing the way people experience Israel.

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Midt i sex i denne overveldende inspeksjonen og ser på mannen din. Hovedkravene fra romantikere til “doggy stil” holdning er at du ikke ser mennesker, og at du kan se oss i øynene og nyte nærheten din. Denne teknikken vil hjelpe deg med å løse den. La deg ikke trene hverandre for å se til slutt, men du kan fremdeles utveksle utseende.



Meaningful Stories

Be an eyewitness to a vibrant storyboard that combines biblical legends, fascinating geology and Israel’s exquisite natural beauty against the backdrop of faith, religion and unforgettable life experiences.

Sharing is caring

We “socialize” your experience with live blogging, video feeds and other social media integrations so you can share the journey in real-time with your family and friends.

Premium & Exclusive Services

From the wide array of attractions and culinary treats, to the itineraries and transportation, we care about every detail