SixSense Expedition is 10-Day SupriseMe trip for like-minded Adventures, Curios and Fun loving personas. A mixture of  De Vinci Code and Amazing Race to hack down Ark mystery. Expedition batch will regrouped to several teams and each member will harness his super strength to win the winner prize.


Departure – March 19,  2023 | 6,250 USD per person in double room

Trip duration – 10 days | Travellers – up to 16  adults (above 16 years)


The journey is high-end All-Inclusive trip to ensure group members fully focus on hacking the Ark mystery and winning the ultimate prize while enjoying unforgeable experiences like chasing Roman legion and Priory of Sion soldiers at the old city small muddling alleys, hoovering between air and land in Golan heights and concisely self-navigating ATV’s at the mystical Judean desert dunes..

If you look to team up with like-minded people to Challenge your senses and Play your skills and win a big prize

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Where is the ARK? 

Dwelling back to JERUSALEM, Year 628 B.C – Winds of fear yet erratic change pledged anywhere between small alleys of the old city. A disputable transformation underlines the temple mount long term legacy to vigorously revised Monotheism like never before and to land irreversible impact up to our time. Nevertheless it was also the time when the mythical divine ARK of the Covenant that sustained for over 1,000 years unexpectedly vanished. The Ark was a shrine to the original 10 commandments stones carried by Moses from Mount Sinai together with the Sign & Seal. The magical Ark literally faded away with no footprints, to leave perhaps the greatest historical mystery of all time.

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The shrine might vanished due to vicious interests to eliminate it like the Holy Grail raising same questions like to what extent did the De Vinci Code’s Templers played on that medieval affinity. Yet the most important quest is –  Does the Ark still exist and if so WHERE.. Exactly what Indiana Jones and the lost ark raiders were trying to mug.

** Want  your F&F on your team,  invite them and get additional $150 off

To learn more about the schedule and program highlights head over to the SixSense Schedule tab

**Spots for June 2022 are limited


  SixSense  Expedition

The Six-Sense journey is 10-Day SurpriseMe Adventure Game to explore 3,000 years Mystery. soon after touch base Expedition group will break to several teams, each member will harness his super strength for his team to win the challenge. Every team will own an unlocked Six-Sense superpower to leverage later. On each day, every team must compete in a series of challenges, some mental and some physical and only when the tasks are completed will they get new piece of the Puzzle. the first team who owns all pieces and hacks the Enigma challenge will win an outstanding prize…


Is this program for you

If you think “you already saw it all” but still feel FOMO,  you love embracing the unexpected, adopt easily to twists in a plot- then be ready to get your boots on the ground, hack that ancient enigma and win the holy grail. we let friends or family to sign-up the expedition as long as it doesn’t exceed 4 in total (full organic team to join the expedition)

What to expect

Soon after you submit your interest from (see link below) an expedition staff member will contact you to discuss program highlights and answer questions. After Interest forms are submitted the expedition Staff will review them and do  the matching to form superpower teams  (spots are limited to preserve high service standards).  You will get a notice email regarding your application If you get special code to fill in to book the journey you know you are in! (pay attention- only the ones who book with the given code will be boarding to the first batch, no refunds for any other cases). you will need to independently arrange your flight schedule to be on-time to meet your team members and this is where you start rambling!



SixSense Getaway is All Inclusive trip ( excluding air fares) with the highest standards (yes this include also 4 start hotel and three meals a day) . Expedition staff will take care and assist in any problem or request during the trip. we will do the our max effort to maintain  the group members safety and all activities are controlled and inspected  with  our staff reach.

Six Sense Expedition Fee – Double Room: $6,250
Single Room Upgrade: $550

Program Schedule- 

  • Deadline for submitting Interest Forms – Dec 31, 2022
  • Confirmation letters via email shall be sent by – Jan 10, 2023
  • 50% down payment till Jan 20 and second part till Feb 15.
  • SixSense Expedition will kickoff the Shrine Challenge on Mar 19  12 PM, at Ben Gurion Airport